BCM212: Research Project Progress Update

BCM212: Research Project Progress Update

As you know, I will be taking on this research project as an invested stakeholder  seek to explore whether there are enough services on the UOW campus that have the right skills and information to tackle concerns regarding mental health. I also endeavour to discover whether these services are being utilised by students and if not, why?

UOW currently offers the Ally Network, free and confidential counselling services, Wheel of Wellbeing workshops, self-help resources such as tips and videos and events such as free weekly Yoga and Yogurt Sessions and the Rise and Shine Brekkie Bar.

I will be using primary resources such as the use of a survey to gather an idea of the awareness around the services UOW provide and secondary sources to research services required to best assist students and what kinds of mental health concerns students are predominantly faced with in university. Due to ethical concerns I am not able to ask students about their mental heath therefore will be keeping such questions quite general.

Interested stakeholders may include UOW, students, individual psychological practices dealing with adolescents, parents concerned with the level of stress their children feel when studying, other universities when reviewing the services they provide and organisations such as Beyond Blue and the Butterfly Foundation.

UOW students! Please complete my survey questions in an effort to help shape the attitudes around seeking help and improve the services provided by UOW.

Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WGVM93X

I have constructed and assessed both risk and time management documents and have adapted to any necessary changes such as the need for a greater amount of secondary research. For regular updates on the progress of the report and a summary of my findings, head back to my blog or follow me on twitter @angelicauow.



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